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2017 Feral Hog Bounty Program Rules:

2017 Feral Hog Bounty Rules

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  • Conservation Ethics of Small Acreage LandownersThe word conservation often interpreted to mean “wise use” is derived from two latin words: con, meaning “together” and servance, meaning to “keep” or “guard”. Ethics is defined as “standards of conduct”. Thus, this publication deals with the “standard
  • Stocking Rate: The Key Grazing Management DecisionWithout a doubt, stocking rate is the most important grazing management decision a rancher makes. Stocking rate is the amount of land alotted each animal for the entire grazable portion of the year.
  • Understanding Forage Intake In Range AnimalsForage quality influences the performance of range livestock and wildlife, and it is often assumed that, if forage quality meets animal nutrient requirements, animal performance will meet expectations. However, forage intake can be at least as important

Watershed Preservation


Private Pesticide Applicator Study Material

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